dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Crochet workshop and more

Almost a week has gone by since my last post. I haven't forgotten you but I'v been quite busy.

First an update on the workshop: it was a big success! I loved every minute of it and my 13 pupils were excited and had a great time.

I started by explaining something about different types of yarn, how to read a label on yarn, etc.

Then I learned them the basic stitches. I started with the smallest (chain) and ended with the biggest one (double crochet). I order to show them how each stitch is made, I had prepared a small example, a simple crochet square with several rows of each stitch, each time in a different colour.

I also brought some hooked zpagetti to the workshop and used this huge yarn to show them how to make each stitch. It worked well. And of course I went over to each pupil to help with the stitches.

Time really went by fast and we all had a great time. The ladies loved the crochet so much that they have asked me for a workshop on amigurimi, an infinity scarf and handbag. To be continued!

Because of the preparation for the workshop I got a bit distracted from my 31 days challenge preparing for my first craft show. I got stuck on Day 4: business cards.

Mollyeleen gave a tip on Friday, her Day 5. My tip is how to make a magic circle.

Day 6 for me is about marketing. Marketing is important when preparing a craft show. So I'm having a give away, not on my own blog this time, but on Erika's blog. So if you're interested in winning a pair of my earrings, just head over there and participate in the giveaway!

I have also changed the header picture on my facebook page. I've replaced a picture of my jewelry with a picture of the craft show. Anyone who visits my page can now see that I am one of the participants. I hope all this helps in making the craft show a success.

And now back to work! Still plenty of crochet jewelry to be made. I'm still working on my collection, but also looking for the perfect packaging.


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  1. 13 is a lot of students to teach. You obviously did a great job because they want more. :)

    1. Thanks Sara! I also had a great time. There was not one question I couldn't answer, which gave my confidence a big boost :)

  2. That does make you feel good doesn't it? That goes to show you that YOU know what you do. Sometimes it takes teaching something to really express what you really know as a crocheter. (Lots)

  3. Love the earrings !
    Thanks for the visit !
    Have a nice day !