woensdag 30 januari 2013

Work in progress

It is so much fun to be working on new items, don't you agree? I'm sure all of you creative beings feel the same.

Spring is already in the air today. The snow has melted and is completely gone here, and after three days of rain, the sun is finally shining again. I a always so happy to see the sun. Really brightens up my day.

So I got my schetchbook out, made some notes, read several blogs on how to create a jewelry collection and got going. After having made the sketches, I went shopping for some new silk thread and glass beads and started to crochet.

This is what I got so far.

Vibrant orange glass beads and multicolour silk. So far I have crocheted two tubes to combine with the beads. 

A lovely soft pink and green silk that I want to combine with glass beads in the same delicate colours. 

Two crochet tubes in yellow, blue and green silk. This goes nicely together with the white glass beads. 

And two crochet tubes in flashy purple silk. I want to combine these with orange or read beads. 

5 reacties:

  1. Ik ben benieuwd naar het eind resultaat!

  2. Looking good! You are so creative with jewelry. So, the snow has already melted? Which country do you live in? Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

    1. Thanks Sara! I live in Belgium, we don't have a lot of snow so it melts quite easily. But this doesn't mean we won't be having more snow, who knows maybe next month the country will be covered in snow again.

  3. Hoi! Ik zag je reactie op mijn PIF, die ik begin december organiseerde. Het was de bedoeling dat er vijf mee deden, de teller staat nu op 4. Dus als je het leuk vindt, kun jij je nog aanmelden! In het berichtje staat alle info en ook mijn mailadres. Groetjes, Vera

  4. Dear Inez, thank you so much for all this sharing. I started crocheting a few months ago but I've only just fallen in love with crochet tubes in jewellery and your lessons are so helpful. If you'll ever want to write a post about crochet jewellery for beginners, I'll appreciate that.. I still have so many troubles finding the appropriate thread/hook..
    Thanks a lot again,